I am trying to use the example requests and they are not working! Why not?
The examples used in the API documentation were created in early 2010. These forecasts are no longer valid. Simply update the date in your request string to reflect an hour in the next 48 hours and your request should function properly.

Who do I contact if I have technical questions?
Please contact us at apisupport@wxc.com.

Is it possible to search by zip code?  It looks like the “point” requests take only a lat/long pair.

For example: http://datacloud.wxc.com/?datatype=forecast&vs=0.9&passkey=3b37ba823559f8872fc40ac330c37631&type=point&var=

There is no zip code functionality in the DataCloud yet. We can provide you with a lookup list upon request.

Is there a way to get UV Index?
Yes, UV Index is now available as one of the forecast variables, in both point and tile formats.

Is there a way to get Sunrise/Sunset times?
Yes, Sunrise and Sunset times for today, tomorrow, and day 2 are now available in the Climatology data.

Is there a way to get Moonrise/Moonset times?
Yes, Moonrise and Moonset times for today and tomorrow are now available in the Climatology data. Moon phase data is also available.

When looking at the “pressure” field in the current conditions data, the field is blank. Shouldn’t this always have a value?
These values are from National Weather service sensors.  From time to time a particular sensor may go down, so you will need to come up with a method for how you want to deal with missing data.

I was trying to find out what time of day the wind speed/direction was processing for each day.  Am I reading this wrong, or is mintime somehow before maxtime on these three fields?
The mintime and the maxtime correspond to the first time that the lowest or the highest value, respectively, occurs within the timespan or daily request.  So in the below example, the highest dew point in that time period was 27 degrees, occuring at 17Z on the 24th. The lowest dew point that occurred was 16 degrees at 0Z on the 25th.

Example: http://datacloud.wxc.com/?datatype=forecast&vs=0.9&passkey=3b37ba823559f8872fc40ac330c37631&type=point&var=

Is it possible to retrieve previous point forecast data (ie. Hi Temp, Lo Temp, etc) from a date that has already passed?
Our forecast products only go into the future. This is because we are constantly updating the forecast every hour for some variables.  We recently added the functionality to retrieve the hour previous to the present, which can be accessed by simply changing the “version” tag from vs=0.9 to vs=1.0.

I would like to have my data returned in Metric units.  How do I do this?
Units can be displayed in Raw, English, and Metric by adding the ‘units=’ parameter to a DataCloud request (e.g. units=metric).  For definitions of each type of unit, please see the Weather 101: Unit Explanations page.  

Example: http://datacloud.wxc.com/?datatype=forecast&vs=1.0&passkey=3b37ba823559f8872fc40ac330c37631&type=point&var=

How do I request a forecast in local time instead of GMT?
A forecast can be requested in local time by adding the offset parameter to your DataCloud request, as described in the “Optional Parameters” section toward the bottom of the point request page