Getting Started

Knowledge needed to use the Data API
The API documentation assumes that the users will have a pre-existing knowledge set of some basic programming concepts.

REST-style requests
The Weather Central Data API responds to an HTTP request using REST-style request methodology. Changes to the parameters of your request will change the results of your response. You will need a basic understanding of making REST.

Parsing XML
Some of the responses returned by the API will be in XML format. You should have a basic understanding about how to read and parse XML.

Mapping Knowledge
Some of the responses returned by the API will give you geo-referenced image mapped on a specific projection type for use in your mapping application. The Weather Central Data API does adhere to some of the industry standard mapping and tiling schema such as Bing Maps and Google Earth style if you would like those applications to take care of the mapping for you. However if you plan on using the “custom tile” function to request a weather image from a specific part of the world you will need to know how to display the image with the correct projection in your application.

Weather Knowledge
As you utilize the Weather Central Data API you will find it contains references to various weather variables (for example Sea Level Pressure, Visibility, and Relative Humidity), and various weather unit types (for example miles per hour, and Celsius). It is assumed that you will have basic understanding of the weather variables and their uses. For more background information on weather related variables please refer to our Weather 101 section.