Weather Central DataCloud API


June 10th 2010

  • Added Version and Build information to the Hello World response
  • Added new functionality to time parameter in inventory, point and tile requests. Users can now make a request relative to current time (time=now)
  • Added new parameter timesteps to inventory, point and tile requests. Users can now make a request for a particular timesteps of weather data specific to the data frequency.
  • Improved Numerical Weather Model Physics update to datatype=forecast to improve forecast accuracy.
  • Added new parameter exceptions to inventory, point and tile requests.  This allow the user to define how the error handling should occur (blank image, xml, plain text.)
  • Added new variables to Weather 101
    • Forecast Variables
      • Surface Wind Gusts
      • 60meter Wind Gusts
      • 120meter Wind Gusts
    • Radar Variables
      • Shearvision
    • Satellite Variables
      • Infrared
    • Current Condition Variables
      • Summary
    • Alert Variables
      • Summary
  • Added new format=alerts for point request of National Weather Service Alert info.
  • Added new format=currents for point request of weather observations

April 15, 2010

  • Added the new datatype=radar.  Please see the Weather 101: Available Weather Data variables section for more information
  • Added the weather datatype inventory request so that the API can serve multiple datatypes.
  • Removed datatype as a required parameter for all requests.  Parameter datatype is only required in point and tile requests, not inventory requests.
  • Added new forecast  variables to Weather 101
    • Forecast Variables
      • High Clouds
      • Mid Level Clouds1
      • Mid Level Clouds 2
      • Low Clouds
      • Wind Speed and Direction at 60 meters elevation
      • Wind Speed and Direction at 120 meters elevation
    • Radar Variables
      • Reflectivity
      • Level 2 Reflectivity
      • PrecipType
      • Reflectivity with Winter Mask
      • Level 2 Reflectivity with Winter Mask
      • Hailvision
      • RainVision
      • SnowVision
      • IceVision
  • Added new unit types to Unit Explanation Page
  • Addded all_times format for point request to handle data sets that update more frequently than every hour


February 9, 2010

First release of API documentation for development preview of 1km forecast dataset. Outline of Inventory, Point, and Tile request.