Weather Central DataCloud API

Available Weather Variables

In this section we will lay out the available datasets you can access via the Weather Central Data API.  There are currently two weather datatypes accessible through the Data API:

SuperMicrocast™ Forecast Variables, Radar Variables, Satellite Variables, Currents, and Alerts.

Forecast Variables
All forecast data is generated using Weather Central’s proprietary forecasting SuperMicrocast technology. This model offers some of the highest resolution forecast data available with resolutions down to 1km per gridpoint of data. Additionally Weather Central runs interpolation between gridpoints so the forecasts area truly specific to the latitude longitude pair you are requesting.

Accumulated Ice Relative Humidity Traffic 120m Wind Direction
Accumulated Rain High Clouds Surface Wind Direction 120m Wind Speed
Accumulated Snow Mid Clouds1 Surface Wind Speed 120m Wind Gusts
Clouds Mid Clouds2 Surface Wind Gusts Summary
Dewpoint Low Clouds 60m Wind Direction Probability of Precipitation
Feelslike Supercell 60m Wind Speed  
Reflectivity Temperature 60m Wind Gusts  

Radar Variables
The radar datatype features a comprehensive set of radar related variables utilizing the National Weather Service of the United States and Environmental Canada Doppler Radar data and an arsenal of severe storm information based on complex algorithms developed using a combination of Weather Central and National Severe Storms Laboratory technology.

Reflectivity with Winter Mask Level 2 Reflectivity with Winter Mask Rainvision Shearvision
Precip Type Level 2 Reflectivity Snowvision  
Reflectivity Hailvision Icevision  
Satellite Variables
The satellite datatype allows you to access our worldwide satellite sector which is composite from 5 domestic and international satellite imagery.
Currents Variables
The Current Conditions datatype provides point access to worldwide observation conditions closest to the geo location that you request.
Alerts Variables
The Alerts datatype provides point access to the United States National Weather Service real time warnings and watch information closet to the geolocation that you request