Weather Central DataCloud API

Hello World Request to the Data Cloud API

The basic request will be a HTTP request to with a list of parameters and associated values.

Required Parameters
All requests to the Data API must contain the following parameters.

This represents the version of the REST API. Weather Central will have a double numbering version MajorVersion.MinorVersion. All versions within the same MajorVersion are compatible. If older versions are depreciated you will receive 180 days notice to update to the newer version before the older version is retired. The current version of the API is 0.9.



A string that will be given to you once you sign up for a Weather Central Data API development passkey. In this document we will always use passkey=123456789. Replace 123456789 with the passkey you have received.

Example Request:

Example Response:

Data Server
Version 0.9.1 Build 6
Copyright: Weather Central, LLC

The example above represents the most basic request and will always return a response that gives some information about the version and build number of the dataserver.   This is a good way to make sure that you can connect and that your passkey is functioning.